MyJHB exists to showcase Johannesburg (011) based business with free and paid for listings – no web site is required to list on MyJHB.

Adding your business is easy:
  1. Navigate to the product category your business will be best placed in (using the categories below),
  2. Once you have navigated to the product category you want to appear in click on the “Add Your Business” link in the main menu.
You will then be taken to a page where you may complete (OR NOT) an order for a premium link (valid for FIVE years) – this gives you more info, is highlighted, recommended by MyJHB, has less adverts and will be placed close to, or at, the top of each relevant product category and search pages.

If you choose not to pay then your business will still appear but with less info displayed.

Use this search box to find the right product category or browse the product directory below:

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A - Abattoirs to Axles B - Baby Accessories to Buy Aids C - Cabinetmakers to Cylinders D - Dairies to Dyers
E - Ears to Eyes F - Fabric to Furniture G - Galvanising to Gyms H - Haberdashery to Hypnotists
I - Ice Cream to Ivory J - Jackets to Jungles K - Karaoke to Krugerrands L - Labels to Luggage
M - Machines to Mutual Funds N - Nails to Nylon O - Occupations to Ozone P - PABX to Putt Putt
Q - Quality to Quilts R - Racing to Rust S - Saddles to Synthetics T - Tables to Tyres
U - Umbrellas to Utilities V - Vacuums to Vulcanising W - Walls to Wrought Iron X - X-Ray to Xhosa
Y - Yachts to Youth Z - Zebras