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Wall Coatings (0)
Wallpapers and Wall Coverings (0)
Walls - Concrete (see Concrete Walls and Products) (0)
Walls Retaining (0)
War and Survival Games (0)
Wardrobe Manufacturers (See Furniture Manufacturers) (0)
Wardrobe Manufacturers (See Joinery Manufacturers) (0)
Warehousing and Storage (1)
Washing Lines - Equipment and Repairs (0)
Washing Machine Repairs (1)
Washroom Equipment (0)
Waste Disposal (0)
Waste Handling Equipment (0)
Waste Paper (0)
Watch Batteries (see Battery Dealers) (0)
Watch Distributors (0)
Watch Repairs (0)
Watches Wholesale (see Watch Distributors) (0)
Watchmen (see Night Watchmen) (0)
Water Analysis (0)
Water Boilers (see Water Heaters and Hot Water Cylinders) (0)
Water Carting (see Tanker Service - Road) (0)
Water Chillers (0)
Water Conservation (see Environmental Conservation and Ecological Organisations) (0)
Water Control Systems and Equipment (0)
Water Control Systems and Equipment - Agricultural (see Irrigation Systems and Equipment) (0)
Water Control Systems and Equipment - Agricultural (see Pumps and Pumping Appliances) (0)
Water Control Systems and Equipment - Agricultural (see Water Control Systems and Equipment) (0)
Water Coolers (0)
Water Cooling Towers (see Cooling Towers) (0)
Water Features and Ponds (0)
Water Flocculation (see Water Treatment Eqpt, Service and Supplies) (0)
Water Heaters and Hot Water Cylinders (0)
Water Heating Equipment ( see Water Heaters and Hot Water Cylinders) (0)
Water Leak Detection (see Leak Detection Eqpt and or Services) (0)
Water Management Services (0)
Water Meters (see Meters) (0)
Water Purification Eqpt, Service and Supplies (0)
Water Treatment Eqpt, Service and Supplies (0)
Waterproofing Contractors (2)
Waterproofing Materials (0)
Wax (0)
Web Sites Design and Development (17)
Webbing (0)
Website Services (see Internet Web Developmet) (10)
Wedding Accessories (0)
Wedding Attorneys (0)
Wedding Beauty and Diet (0)
Wedding Bridal Wear (1)
Wedding Cakes (0)
Wedding Cars (see Wedding Transportation) (0)
Wedding Caterers (1)
Wedding Chapels (see Wedding Venues) (0)
Wedding Clothing Hire (0)
Wedding Consultants and/or Services (0)
Wedding Decor and/or Decorations (0)
Wedding Dresses (see Wedding Bridal Wear) (0)
Wedding Dresses (see Wedding Clothing Hire) (0)
Wedding Florists (0)
Wedding Gifts and Novelties (0)
Wedding Hairdressers (0)
Wedding Hiring Services (0)
Wedding Honeymoon Venues (0)
Wedding Invitations and Stationery (2)
Wedding Jewellers (0)
Wedding Music and Entertainment (1)
Wedding Photographers and Video Recordings (1)
Wedding Planners (0)
Wedding Transportation (0)
Wedding Venues (1)
Wedding Video Production (see Wedding Photographers and Video Recorders) (0)
Weed Control Eqpt Supplies and Services (0)
Weedkillers (see Insecticides, Rodenticides, Fungicides and Weedkillers) (0)
Weight Control or Loss (see Slimming Salons and or Clubs) (0)
Welding and Brazing (0)
Welding Eqpt - Repairs (0)
Welding Eqpt and Supplies (0)
Welding Materials (see Welding Eqpt and Supplies) (0)
Welding Rods - Gas (see Welding Eqpt and Supplies) (0)
Welfare Meal Services (0)
Welfare Organisations (Registered) (0)
Wendy Houses (0)
Wet Suits (see Diving Eqpt - Skin and Industrial) (0)
Wheel Alignment and Balancing (0)
Wheel Alignment Eqpt (0)
Wheelchairs - Mfrs, Sales, Hire and Repairs (0)
Wheels (0)
Wheels and Castors (see Castors and Wheels) (0)
Whiteboards (0)
Wholesale Merchants (0)
Wholesale Merchants Crockery (see Crockery Wholesale) (0)
Wholesale Merchants Groceries (see Grocers and Provision Merchants Wholesale) (0)
Wigs, Wiglets Manufacturers and Suppliers (1)
Wild Animal Suppliers (see Game Capturing) (0)
Wills (0)
Wind Deflectors (see Truck / Motor Vehicle Body Builders or Designers) (0)
Wind Power Generators (see Generators, Alternators, Lighting and Power Plant) (0)
Windmills (0)
WIndow Cleaning (0)
Window Displays (see Display Fixtures and Eqpt) (0)
Window Engraving (see Etching - Metal and or Glass) (0)
Window Pane Replacements (see Glazing Contractors) (0)
Window Repairs (Aluminium, Steel and Wood) (0)
Window Tinting (0)
Windows - Metal - Aluminium and Steel (0)
Windows - Sliding Motor Car (see Windscreens and Motor Glass) (1)
Windows - Upvc (0)
Windows - Wood (0)
Windscreen Protection (see Glass Coating and Tinting) (0)
Windscreen Protection (see Windscreens and Motor Glass) (0)
Windscreen Repairs (see Windscreens and Motor Glass) (0)
Windscreen Wipers (see Motor Car Part and Accessories - New) (0)
Windscreens and Motor Glass (0)
Windscreens and Motor Glass Mfrs (see Windscreens and Motor Glass) (0)
Wine Accessories (see Hotel Eqpt and Suppliers) (0)
Wine and Spirit Merchants (0)
Wineries (0)
Wire and Tape - Barbed (0)
Wire Brushes (see Brushes and Brushware) (0)
Wire Harnesses - Electrical (0)
Wire Products (0)
Wire Ropes and Fittings (0)
Wire Spark Eroding (0)
Wire Ties (see Packaging Mfrs) (0)
Wire Ties (see Strapping and Strapping Eqpt) (0)
Wire Weaving (see Reinforcement - Welded Steel Wire Mesh) (0)
Wood Merchants (see Timber Merchants) (0)
Wood Preservatives (0)
Wood Turners (0)
Wooden Coathangers (see Coathangers) (0)
Wooden Decks (see Timber Decks) (1)
Wooden Doors (see Doors - Wooden) (0)
Wooden Floors (see Flooring Contractors) (0)
Wooden Handles (see Handles) (0)
Wooden Houses (see Timber Buildings) (0)
Woodworking Machines - New Reconditioned and Repairs (0)
Wool Combers (0)
Wool Scourers and Carbonisers (0)
Wool Shops (see Embroidery - Retail) (0)
Wool Shops (see Knitting Wool - Retail) (0)
Wool Shops (see Needlework) (0)
Wool, Hide and Skin Merchants (0)
Wool, Mohair Buyers and Brokers (0)
Woolen Merchants (0)
Word Processing Bureaux (see Secretarial Services) (0)
Word Processing Bureaux (see Typing and Shorthand Services) (0)
Work Permits (see Immigration or Emigration Consultants) (0)
Worktops (see Kitchenware) (0)
Writing Boards (see White Boards) (0)
Wrought Iron Castings (see Wrought Iron Work) (0)
Wrought Iron Work (0)

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